A leaky or flooded basement isn’t just an inconvenience. It’s also a health hazard, as well as a costly problem if left ignored. Water in your basement can ruin your home and affect your life in so many ways. Check out the six reasons below you need to consider basement waterproofing right now.

  1. Basement leaks carry bacteria

Leaking water into your basement carries with it a bevy of bacteria from the outside world. From fecal matter (especially if you live in the country) to toxic chemicals, the bacteria get into your basement quite easily through even the smallest crack. It’s very important to seal the leak, clean up any water that came in and disinfect the area as soon as possible if water gets into your basement from the outside.

  1. Basement moisture encourages mold growth

It’s no secret that molds found inside homes can cause all sorts of respiratory and health problems. Keep in mind that toxic black mold can begin growing almost immediately after water has entered your basement, whether due to flooding or a simple leak.

  1. Drying out the basement raises its humidity level

Basements usually have poor ventilation, and because they get very little sunlight inside, they stay pretty damp. After a flood or leak, drying out the room raises the already high humidity level, which can linger for a long time. This increased humidity level can encourage mold growth.

  1. A wet basement smells bad

Sitting water and poor ventilation in a basement can lead to some pretty foul odors that permeate the entire residence.

  1. A consistently damp basement weakens the foundation and structure of your home.

Repeat flooding or constant leaking into your basement can weaken your home’s foundation and ruin the structure over time. In doing so, more cracks develop in the concrete, which leads to more leaks and regular flooding.

  1. A wet basement is unattractive and costly

In addition to being physically unappealing, a wet, leaky basement ultimately lessens the value of your home. Just this one flaw alone can make it difficult to sell your home, and it can make it very difficult to get flood insurance. If you have a leaky basement, all is not lost. Davis & Sons Concrete is here to help you with all your basement waterproofing needs. We provide an array of affordable basement waterproofing services to remedy the leaks and flooding that threaten to diminish your home’s value and make you sick. Give us a call today to find out more.

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