Waterproofing will provide complete moisture protection from the inside out. Davis & Sons Concrete can provide complete excavation with foundation sealing, along with new drainage tile and gravel.


We can help protect your basement, your crawl space – your entire home. We can help you reduce condensation and draw out saturated moisture in the windows, walls, doors and floors, as well as expel excess moisture, gases, toxins and pollutants, and keep basements healthy and dry. Ventilation/moisture control will reduce costly repair work, including mold remediation, and allow you to fully utilize your entire house. A drier, fresher house will maintain its value, making it more saleable. Our proven, energy efficient methods will naturally maintain the home environment all year round.


  • Totally maintenance free – no buckets of water, no filters, etc.
  • No more must odors.
  • Eliminates moisture, stagnation and saturation year round.
  • Whole house solution.
  • Reduction in mold and musty odors and stagnant air.
  • Reduction in allergens and respiratory ailments.

We also provide commercial waterproofing.

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Lance Davis is a third generation Concrete Contractor with over 10+ years experience in concrete repair and slabjacking. His company Davis & Sons Concrete has proudly served all of North Central Illinois, Rockford and the outer suburbs - and he would love to hear from you!

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