Bowing walls can be restored to better-than-new condition!

What causes bowing walls?

This is a question we hear often. Although every case is different, there are usually two main culprits:

1. The subsoil around the walls holds moisture, and when the soil freezes in the winter, it expands and pushes against the wall.

2. Tree root systems expand and push against the walls.

Bowing Basement Walls
Bowing Basement Walls

Wall Bracing System.

We use 4″ steel “I” beams spaced approximately 5 feet apart along the length of the wall. The beams are mounted into the floor next to the wall. After positioning the beams tightly against the wall, they are bolted securely to the floor joists above; thus completely and permanently securing the wall from top to bottom. This method is used when the walls are in the beginning stages of bowing.

Wall Straightening System.

The wall is excavated to the footing. The beams are installed in the same manner mentioned above. However, before they are bolted in at the top, a hydraulic jack system is used to push against the beams and straighten the wall as it was originally. Whichever system is used, the wall will be many times stronger than when it was new. The reason?… The pressure on the wall has been transferred from the wall to the beams.

Helical Tiebacks.

Some of our clients prefer the tieback method (or a combination of different services) to avoid the steel beams used in wall bracing.

Through a hole drilled in wall, a rod threads into an anchor plate installed into the soil bank. A ribbed retainer plate and a nut secure the rod inside the wall. Either of two methods may be used to stabilize, or often to straighten, failing walls.

Helical Tieback
Helical Tieback

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