Raise, stabilize, and add additional holding capacity.

What happens & why you need to fix it.

Concrete walls become stressed when soil expansion (hydrostatic pressure) exerts tremendous force against basement or crawl space walls. Efforts to reposition bowing walls should be taken as soon as possible. When cracks appear in these walls the structural integrity is compromised. This problem must be addressed quickly to avoid the expense of wall replacement or the possibility of structural failure.

causes of foundation failure

The practical advantage: Immediate, simple, & proven performance.

Helical anchors are installed by rotating the anchors into the ground with rotary drilling equipment. Once the minimum depth is obtained, the capacity can be determined by reading the installation torque and correlating it to the holding capacity ratio. Capacities up to 55,000 pounds per anchor can be obtainable with this system. Proven on hundreds of applications, these cost effective anchors can be tested immediately. There is no need for concrete to cure, which saves time and money, leaving no maintenance!

Anchoring the World.

Engineered for dependability and long-term stability, Chance systems feature exclusive anchoring techniques, tools, designs and sizes that make other foundation methods a thing of the past. Selected by application, our systems are your first line of defense against poor soil conditions, floods, and time.

The A.B. Chance anchoring system is the world’s largest manufacturer of helical anchoring systems, with proven performance since 1907. The patented, engineered anchoring system is backed by a transferable warranty. It provides a smart, cost-effective solution for bulging, bowing, or cracked walls. The system can be installed same-day with instant results & very little evacuation. The anchoring system permanently straightens & stops bowing walls with no added stress to the framing of the structure. All Chance operations personnel are trained and certified and meets all building code requirements.

Causes of Foundation Failure

causes of foundation failure

Evaporation: Hot and dry conditions may cause soil to pull away from the foundation. Settlement due to this foundation moisture imbalance could cause cracks to appear throughout the structure.

Transpiration: Tree roots could dehydrate the soil beneath a home causing soil shrinkage and settlement of the home.

Plumbing Leaks: Water from leaky plumbing is often a major contributor to foundation problems.

Drainage: Improper drainage will lead to excess moisture build up, which could erode or consolidate soils. Excessive moisture may cause upheaval of settlement.

Poor Building Site Preparation: Cut and fill situations, where soil is removed from part of the lot and stacked on another, must have proper soil stabilization before the structure is constructed; otherwise unexpected movements of the soil beneath the foundation may occur.

Poor Ground Preparation: Cut and fill situations should be properly prepared before structure is started or it may result in improperly compacted soil beneath the foundation.

Poor Soil Conditions: Poor soil, organic components, debris, etc., may cause expansion or consolidation, which contribute to foundation failures.

Signs of Foundation Failure.

causes of foundation failure

Inside the House:

  • Cracks in sheetrock
  • Doors and windows that stick
  • Cracks in floor or tile
  • Misaligned doors and windows
  • Trim or moulding misaligned

Outside of House:

  • Gaps around doors and windows
  • Cracks in foundation
  • Cracks in the bricks
  • Fascia board pulling away
  • Chimneys tilting or leaning

causes of foundation failure


  • Separation from door
  • Wall rotating out
  • Cracks in the brick


  • Walls leaning in or out
  • Cracks in the poured or block walls
  • Water leakage through cracks at base of walls

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