Basement Wall Repair Based on Common Issues

The basement of the home is either a lovely place or dark cave. Many home owners have basements they use on a regular basis that are completely finished and offer an entertainment area or even bedrooms. Other home owners have basement spaces that are dark and old, rarely used except maybe for storage or laundry. While all basements will vary, one common factor is that walls can easily be damaged and be in need of repair.

Basement wall and foundation repair.
Basement wall and foundation repair.

There are many reasons why a basement wall may need repairing. Humidity, water damage, mold and mildew are just a few of the common issues that basements face on a regular basis. Below are a few examples of what can happen in the basement area and why the walls should be repaired as quickly as possible.


Humidity can be a major issue in the basement of a home, even if water is not a problem. Humidity will condense on metal and organic surfaces. This can turn into mold which can cause rot and attract the not so popular dust mites. The basement will become uncomfortable and you do not want to have to deal with the issues that coincide with humidity. To solve the problem, you can easily add a humidifier in the basement area to control humidity levels. If mold has occurred, you will need to remove any damage. This can include cutting out drywall, treating wood beams and replacing with clean surfaces. The wall must be replaced and can easily be done so by the home owner or a handyman.


The basement area of a home can be prone to water damage based on leakage. Windows in a basement are situated low to the ground and if not properly sealed can result in water leaking into the basement during heavy rains. Most basements have windows to let in light but they can also let in moisture which can be damaging to the walls.

Water can leak in and then drip down the wall of the basement. Over time, cracking can occur around the window seal as well as down the wall. Extra care should be taken to ensure that the window is sealed properly. If you find that water is leaking in, the problem needs to be addressed. Waterproofing systems can be added as well as drainage channels to avoid any water damage. Replace any walls with water damage to avoid mold or mildew in the home.

Buckling and Bowing Walls

Hydrostatic pressure in the basement area can lead to cracks in the wall and eventually bowing and buckling of the wall. By the time you notice the bowing or buckling issue, the pressure is too great and has been taking place for some time. You will need to contact a basement contractor and have a professional help you repair the pressure issue as well as replace the walls of the room.

Overall, it is essential to monitor a basement area. Avoid any mold or mildew by keeping check on water damage. The exterior as well as interior of the home should be monitored to ensure that the basement is safe from water damage as well as pressure issues.

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