Adding a Concrete Patio to Your Home


One way to add beauty to the home as well as additional living space is with the addition of a concrete

patio. A patio constructed of concrete will last a lifetime with little to no maintenance needed. Many

home owners choose to add a concrete patio to the home because it is easy to clean and requires no

painting or staining over time. Professional concrete companies can have a slab poured in no time, so

you can enjoy outdoor barbecues and parties with friends.




When considering a concrete patio, you will have to ensure you have space in your yard. You will need a

solid piece of land that is level to begin the ground prep. A professional will be able to dig a trench

around the perimeter of the patio and then lay footers to get started. You need a solid base so that the

concrete will be level and will avoid any cracking or scaling. The ground will need to be cleared of any

sticks, rocks or other factors that could mess up the smoothness or level of the patio.


Creating a Form


To be able to create the shape of your patio, a form will need to be created. The concrete technician will

create a form of wood based on the shape and size you have requested. Most home owners go for a

square or rectangle shape, though other options can be done to create a unique shape for your patio



Leveling the Form


Once the planks are in place, leveling will need to occur. The technician will have to make sure each

board is level and will create a solid form for the concrete to sit and be level. The planks used will be

adjusted higher or lower to ensure the patio will be level. Once the form has been leveled, rebar is

added to reinforce the concrete. Rebar gives added strength to the project.


Pouring the Concrete


Once the form is ready, the concrete can be poured. The technician will mix the concrete according to

specifications, which is an important step. A novice with concrete pouring may have no idea how to mix

the concrete to avoid cracking, scaling and other issues. A professional knows exactly how to mix the

concrete to get the right texture for application. The first batch will need to be thick to be able to stay

within the form. Once all the concrete has been poured, a board will be used to level the concrete while

wet. The surface will be leveled and then an edger will be used to round off any sharp edges.

The process of setting up a patio space with concrete seems relatively easy and can be done by a DIYer.

However, it is recommended that you work with a professional concrete company for top results. You

want your new patio space to last a lifetime and provide you with a smooth surface for relaxing outside

of the home. Working with a quality company can ensure you enjoy the space for many years to come.

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