Any home owner who has a basement knows the benefits. You may use the extra space for storage, as a bonus room for movies or gaming or in certain areas, the space may be beneficial to your safety during a storm or tornado. Whatever the case may be, basements are beneficial for a variety of reasons and are a good addition to any home. However, basements can also be areas in which issues occur. When a basement is installed, waterproofing methods should be enforced to ensure the basement stays free of flooding or water damage due to natural disasters. Yet, many basements are not waterproofed and the homeowner pays the price later on down the line. Below is an example of when waterproofing was not used and how an issue could have been avoided.

Pool Wall Sealing

In this instance, we will be discussing poor wall sealing. Both the walls and floors of the basement must be sealed in order to avoid water damage. When heavy rains occur, be it a flooding event or even just a big thunderstorm, rain can gather against your home, especially considering the grading of your yard. When this happens, the walls and flooring must be sealed properly. If not, the water will begin to seep in and the basement can fill up with water.
One homeowner had this happen and the result was thousands of dollars in damage. And this is not the first home owner to experience such issues. As a downpour occurs, the water can gather in large amounts near the base of your home. When sealing is not in place, this water begins to enter the home and after a few hours, you may find that your basement is completed filled with water. This not only damages the structure of your home but also any contents therein. On top of that, if you do not have flood insurance, you may face even more problems like not having the flooding occurrence paid for. This home owner had to pay out of pocket for damage to the home, have the basement fixed and then sealed as well as replace items that were damaged due to the flooding.

Proper Sealing

To ensure that your home stays in good condition and flooding is avoided, it is essential that your home be properly sealed. You can do this yourself or have the experts assist you with the sealing process. To begin, the flooring will need to be cleaned with a shop-vac and any loose items removed. Any dust, dirt, mortar, etc. will need to be removed so the sealing process can begin.

A quality sealant will then need to be used to cover the walls and flooring. This sealant will protect the area against moisture. Remove any items from the basement so you are able to cover every wall and area of flooring and protect from water damage that could occur.
By being proactive in this process, you will be able to protect your home from water damage. Flooding can easily occur with a sudden rain and you would be left with damage to your home as well as belongings without proper protection. Have your basement area waterproofed or do the work yourself to ensure your home is protected and avoid an instance such as the one mentioned above.

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