Waiting until the spring months to waterproof may seem like a good idea. The weather is nice and you will have time to get the job done. But what can happen before spring arrives might put a change in your plans. Waterproofing should be done as soon as possible to eliminate any issues within your basement or foundation. During the fall and winter months, storms can cause damage, especially if snow is involved.

Snow and Your Basement

Everyone knows that rain can seep into a basement but snow is also a culprit that can cause water damage in the home. Snow has a tendency to gather around the base of the home and then will melt when temperatures fluctuate or during a spring thaw. This is when the snow changes over from being frozen to water and will begin to seep into your home if the basement is not waterproofed.

Snow will leave behind a great deal of what that has to go somewhere. Often times, this is in the basement. In colder areas, snow can pile up beginning in November and continue to accumulate for many months. Thawing and refreezing can result in water damage that you may not know about until the spring months arrive.
The thawed snow, that is now water, will enter the basement via non-structural cracks in the walls or mortar joints that may be deteriorating. Windows in a basement may be poorly fitted or not properly sealed which makes for the perfect entry for water. When enough water seeps in to warmer soil as the spring thaw takes place, the foundation can suffer from hydrostatic pressure which will move the water in the basement via the floor cracks and cove joint.

Avoid the Wait

In any case, it is best to avoid the wait and have your basement area sealed properly. This should be done when the home is constructed but you can also apply sealant in the later years to ensure the integrity of the home. By contacting a qualified basement waterproofing contractor, you will be able to have any leaks present fixed and keep water damage from occurring in the future.

A contractor will be able to evaluate your home and provide a plan for waterproofing that will protect your basement as well as foundation. We offer free estimates so have your home checked for waterproofing needs and compare notes to have a quality job completed at a price you can afford.

Taking care of waterproofing now will ensure your home is protected as the snow falls as well as from heavy rains or natural disaster. Make your basement a safe place to enjoy as well as create a lasting foundation for your home by completing proper sealing methods. You will save yourself time and stress as well as money when you take care of the basement area waterproofing before any damage can be done to your home. Contact an expert today to learn just what you can do to waterproof the home.

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