When considering Christmas gifts for friends and family, it is common to think outside of the box. It seems everyone we know has everything so it can be difficult to think of ideas for gift giving that are unique. One area that might be something to consider is concrete. There are many ways to use concrete in the home and the gift of concrete services could be something unique to give a friend or family member that they could benefit from. Below are a few ideas to consider.


If your friend is constantly talking about how their concrete driveway is cracked or in need of repair in some manner, why not hire repair services? You can contact local concrete companies to come and look at your friend’s driveway to see just what might need to be done. The initial consultation should be free and then a price provided for work completed. You can offer to pay for all the services or perhaps tell your friend you will provide a large portion of the repair cost. Repairing the driveway might be something your friend would like to see take place but not something they can pay for themselves or something would want to spend money on. You would be providing them with a quality service that they would surely appreciate.

New Patio or Walkway

Another option is to have a service provided for a family member who needs a new walkway or patio. You can hire a concrete company to pour the concrete and create the space your family member desires. This is a generous gift that your family member will appreciate for years to come as they enjoy the patio space or every time they walk down the pathway. Hire a company to do the concrete work that is reputable and knows that you are paying for the service. Your family member will be forever grateful that you took care of a project for them regarding their home.

Think Small

Perhaps you have a small budget still want to do something unique with concrete. There are many ways to surprise your loved ones. Perhaps you have a friend or family member who enjoys gardening. If so, you can create planters from concrete by making them yourself. These planters can be customized as you like and will be a unique gift made by you. Or go the easy route and purchase new planters made of concrete for a sturdy option for gardening.

As you can see, there are many ways to give the gift of concrete. Although an unusual option, concrete is a gift that can keep on giving, especially when you create a new patio or walkway space in the home. Treat your friends or family to this unique gift option and enjoy the space yourself whenever you visit! Consider who would benefit most from the gift of concrete and think about how you can use this material as a gift for the ones you love. Make a list of options and choose the best gift for your loved ones.

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