As the spring months approach, it is an important time to prepare your concrete. Concrete is found in many areas of the home including porches, walkways, patios and stairways. It is important to begin early to prepare concrete for use, from cleaning to repairs and overall maintenance. Below are a few tips to help you learn just what needs to be done to get your concrete ready for the spring months.


To begin, you can clean the concrete. For porches and walkways, use a broom to remove dust and dirt. Use a pressure washer, when the weather warms, to thoroughly clean the concrete. You will then be able to see if your concrete needs to be stained or painted. If so, you will be ready to do so when the warmer months arrive. When the leaves begin to fall, they often lay dormant on pathways in your yard. Clean away any leaves and prepare your pathways for use once spring arrives.


The spring months are also time to consider repairs needed for concrete spaces. From cracks in a sidewalk and driveway to uneven pathways, such repairs should be completed to ensure the space is safe and ready to use. A concrete company can offer repair service to fix such issues as cracks or uneven concrete slabs.
Many times, in the winter months, snow and rain cause concrete to crack and expand. When the snow melts or water rushes under the concrete, it can cause cracking or the concrete to lift up. This is damaging to your concrete. The experts in such repairs will be able to handle fixing the issue quickly. Once repaired, you will be able to walk along the pathway or have your kids play without risk of injury. The spring months are when kids want to enjoy the outdoors and no one wants a skinned knee due to a bicycle or scooter injury from faulty concrete.

New Project

The spring months are also a time to consider new projects. Perhaps you have thought about widening your driveway or creating a new walkway in the back yard. If so, this is the time to get started! Draw up plans including what you would like to have created in your yard and set a budget. Meet with concrete companies to find out how much such projects will cost and receive estimates to make a decision based on budget as well as the company providing the service.

Having such projects completed as spring is about to arrive will mean that you can enjoy the new space in the spring months as well as summer into fall. Start your projects as early as possible so you have more time to spend on a new patio or enjoying a beautiful new walkway.
Taking these preparations in spring will ensure that your home is ready for spring. Enjoy your spaces after they are repaired or go with new projects to have new options for the home as spring draws near. Contact a local concrete company today to see what you can do in 2017.

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