If you have a swimming pool in the home, you most likely also have a patio. In most scenarios, patios are constructed of concrete. The patio gives you a space to relax and unwind as well as provides landscaping for your swimming pool. The patio space needs to be installed properly and cared for so that overtime it maintains integrity and performance. Concrete patios can easily crack or have crevices as well as become uneven in spaces. The concrete must be installed correctly to ensure you do not have issues due to rain, pool water, snow or other issues. 

If you do find that your pool patio concrete is in need of repairs, you will want to contact professional concrete companies immediately. You may have a safety concern on your hands as well as a potential problem for your swimming pool, which was a hefty investment. Below are a few examples of what can happen to a concrete patio by the pool and how the issue should be repaired.


One way to avoid needed to repair the concrete is with waterproofing. When concrete is used on an actual swimming pool, waterproofing is used to ensure the concrete is not subjected to water as well as chemicals used in the water. You should also have the concrete patio connected to your pool waterproofed as well. With kids as well as adults, water will be a constant on the concrete. Protect the integrity of the material by having it waterproofed as well.

Chlorine Issues

Chemicals are used in the swimming pool to make it effective for swimming. This includes chlorine. It is not uncommon for chemicals to harm the concrete surrounding the pool, especially if the concrete has not been sealed or an overuse of chemicals occurs. The concrete surrounding your swimming pool needs to be protected in order to avoid issues when subjected to chemically treated water. When having the patio installed, it is best to work with only the experts in concrete to ensure the material is laid properly as well as sealed so chemicals will not be a problem.

Repair Needs

The concrete surrounding a swimming pool can also be subject to repair needs including cracks and crevices. If the ground shifts under the concrete, you will find the sections of concrete will begin to crack or have space in-between sections. Because you have individuals swimming in the pool and walking on the concrete, you can see accidents occur such as tripping and falling. This can be hazardous. It is best to have concrete repaired as soon as you see a problem to ensure everyone is safe as they enjoy your pool and patio area.
For such repair needs, contact your local concrete company. Have a technician review your patio and see what should be done about any repair issue. You will find repair service will be completed quickly so that you can be on your way to enjoying your space in no time. Take the proper precautions when having concrete installed to cut back on the need for repairs over time.

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