If you are considering a new project for your home involving concrete, you may be wondering when the right time would be to pour the concrete. If you are going to create a patio or sidewalk, it is best to wait for mild weather. This would be in the spring and early summer months for most locations. You can pour concrete in the fall or early winter if you live in a mild climate. It is best to avoid having the mixed concreted exposed to extreme temperatures, be it cold or hot so that the concrete can set up and work well when completing any project.

Unpredictable Weather

In most areas, the weather is unpredictable. It is best to take a look at your project and see how long it will take you to mix and pour the concrete. If you are creating a patio, you will need more time than if you were going to pour a sidewalk or pathway. Consider how much time you need. Get the frame set up first and then check the weather for the following day. Will the temperatures be mild with no rain? If, so there you are all set. It is best to keep track of weather patterns and plan your project for a time frame when the concrete has time to be mixed and poured as well as dried. Rain and other elements can affect the look as well as drying time of the concrete after it has been poured.

Why the Temperature is So Important

The temperature and weather are very important when it comes to pouring concrete and the setting process. On a hot day, water is lost in the concrete as evaporation takes place. If the temperature were to drop below freezing, the hydration will slow and basically come to a standstill. In this case, the concrete will fail to gain strength. Generally, the temperature of new concrete should not go below 50 degrees Fahrenheit as it goes through the curing period.

This is why the weather and temperature is so important. The concrete needs to stay at the right temperature and develop as normally as possible as it cures. When changes in temperature and exposure to rain or other elements can change the strength of the concrete is diminished. These facts hold true whether you are considering doing the project yourself or will be working with a concrete company.
It is recommended that home owners discuss concrete projects with a professional to ensure the right time of year to complete the project. This should be done with DIY project as well as with a professional job. The concrete expert will be able to tell you just when you should have the project completed and how the weather can affect what you would like to do. Consult with a professional on your project to ensure that you are success in installing a new patio, sidewalk, building foundation and more. You may be surprised at what you learn and realize your project may need to wait a bit to be successful.

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