Concrete is a common material used in the basement of homes. The basement is part of the foundation of the home and must be created with quality craftsmanship. Part of the steps necessary for a concrete basement floor is waterproofing. The process is not too difficult and can be done by the homeowner if needed. Many homeowners without experience in waterproofing ask if you can paint waterproof concrete and the answer is yes.

Concrete basement floors must be waterproofed no matter what type of flooring you wish to use. Some homeowners will add in carpeting or wood floors while others simply paint the concrete. Before the painting process can begin, the floor will need to be waterproofed. Water can easily enter the basement via the walls and can rest on the concrete flooring, eroding the concrete. The walls, as well as the flooring, needs to be waterproofed in order to ensure no damage if flooding were to occur in the home.
To begin the waterproofing process, the concrete flooring will need to be swept and then cracks and holes cleaned with a wire brush. A wet/dry vacuum can be used to remove any loose concrete. Once the loose concrete has been removed, the cracks will need to be patched. Use a basic mix of concrete and follow directions to ensure any holes or cracks are filled. For small areas, use a pastry bag or make your own with a plastic baggie to fill in the tiny areas.

The waterproofing process can now begin. You will want to purchase a waterproof paint and cover the floor. This is where you can get your color in. Purchase waterproof paint in a color that you wish the flooring to be and get to work. Once dry, you have a painted floor that looks great and is waterproofed, an added bonus!
If your basement is already waterproofed and you wish to paint the flooring a different color, it would be smart to paint with the same type of paint. Other paints like an oil based paint might not adhere to the waterproofing. You also want to ensure that your flooring will maintain its durability and performance.

If you are able, test a patch of the flooring to see how well the paint adheres to the flooring. Let the area dry and determine if you have a good seal. If so, then you can paint the entire flooring. You want to be sure that the new paint absorbs well but does not take away from the waterproofing characteristics of the old paint.

No matter what type of flooring you plan on having in your basement, be it painting the concrete or covering it with carpeting or hardwood, be sure to have the flooring sealed for durability. Basements are a common area of the home for flooding and it is smart to be proactive and take the time to care for your flooring as well as the overall integrity of your home.

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