Playing basketball can be fun and to enjoy the sport at home, an in-ground hoop is recommended. But how do you install an in-ground basketball goal? What is needed and what should you consider before the installation? Read on to find out just what you need to know to enjoy the game of basketball at home.


To begin, you will need to determine the location of your basketball hoop. Take a look around your property. You want to choose an area where the ground is flat so the hoop can easily be installed as well as provide a court area. For some homeowners, the best place for the goal is at the end of the driveway or side of the driveway. This provides a flat surface for dribbling and playing against others. If you do choose the driveway, remember to move vehicles before playing so that you do not hit any cars while enjoying your game.

Materials for Installation

Now that you have your location chosen, you are ready to begin the installation. You will need to purchase an in-ground basketball hoop as well as choose your concrete. The hoop will include a heavy and long pole along with the backboard, rim, and netting for the hoop. You will want to have the pieces of the goal ready to assemble, set it aside, to then prepare the hole for the pole.

The area you were chosen needs to be checked for level ground. Once you know the ground is level, you will be ready to dig. Dig a hole that is at least two feet deep, two feet wide and two feet long. Mark the pole at 18 inches so that you know how far the pole needs to be inserted.

Take quick drying cement and fill the hole with the cement, adding water as needed. Usually around 850 lbs. will work to fill the hole. Once the hole is filled with cement you are ready to insert the pole. Be sure to have help with this next step as you could hurt yourself. Insert the pole into the hole. Stand the pole level and hold in place. Use levels on the sides of the pole to see if it is standing in place correctly. Quick drying cement will work best to set the hoop as fast as possible.

Drying Time

Now you need to wait for the cement to dry before assembling the goal. This can take three to four hours. The cement needs to be hardened and you will then be ready to attach the remaining poles and components. Once the basket and backboard are attached, you will need to wait a little longer before playing. It is recommended that you give the basketball goal 12 to 24 hours of drying time before enjoying a game.

The process is quite simple and can easily be done by anyone. Grab a friend or family member and get started on your own in-ground basketball goal so you can enjoy the game whenever you like from the comfort of home.

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