When using concrete for projects around the house, you are expecting the concrete to have a purpose. If you are building a concrete driveway, then the driveway needs to be able to house your vehicles and hold the weight as necessary. A patio needs to be able to handle the weight of furniture as well as people, along with dealing with weather stresses and settling. When designing a new home project with concrete, you must ensure that you use the right materials, create a solid base and form so that the concrete can withstand the weight of use.

Take for example the concrete driveway concept. If you are creating a concrete driveway, it needs to be a certain consistency as well as a thickness in order to handle vehicles driving over it again and again. If a concrete driveway was poured too thin, it would not be able to withstand the weight of your vehicles. Cracking would appear on the edges and your driveway would not have a uniform appearance. You would then have to spend more money to have the driveway repaired or you would have to deal with the unsightly appearance of the project.

What to Consider?

There are several aspects to consider when dealing with a concrete project. Firstly, what is below the concrete? What will your base consist of? If you have a rock bed that is loose or there are holes in the base, then the area will be able to hold much less weight than it normally would. If the area you are starting the project in has packed soil, then the concrete will be able to do its job as there is a solid base to start with.

It is also important to consider the mix you are using. The mix is part of the entire project but most important to the top layer of the concrete. If you have packed the ground tightly for your base, then the top layer needs only to be smooth and fully dried in order to function. Be sure the thickness of your concrete is sufficient so that the concrete can handle the weight of use.

For larger projects, a rebar infrastructure or mesh support may be needed. With internal support for the concrete, the area will have more support which means less stress on the concrete alone. It is important to note if your project needs such added support in order to get the job done right the first time!

Overall, when working on a concrete project, know what you are getting into. If the job is too big or you feel intimidated, contact a concrete company and have the job completed by professionals. A professional in the concrete industry will know exactly how to lay the base as well as provide added support, thickness, etc. to ensure the job is completed in a timely manner and the concrete area can handle the support of use.

While it is fun to try projects on your own, it may be best to stick to the experts when dealing with large areas of concrete.

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