When you live in a neighborhood, you get to enjoy having neighbors, local parks, and recreational opportunities as well as the beauty of your area. However, there can also be issues when living in a neighborhood, such as broken sidewalks or pothole issues in the roadways. Who do you speak to about such matters? How do you go about ensuring that such problems are resolved?

Location is Key

The location in which you live will determine who you need to contact in regards to concrete issues such as potholes or broken sidewalks. In most cases, the street department of your local municipality would handle this issue. You should be able to look in the telephone book to find the telephone number of the street department or your roadways department and give them a call. Even if the department you contact cannot help, they should still be able to point you in the right direction for assistance. Remember to always be friendly and you will be able to find the information you need and hopefully have your problem resolved in a timely manner.

If you live in a private neighborhood, perhaps with a homeowners association, you may have better luck having issues such as sidewalks or road conditions resolved. Contact the president of the homeowners association with your concerns. See what can be done to make the changes needed to the concrete issues. The rules of the neighborhood might enforce such repairs as soon as they are noticed. If the HOA cannot assist, they should also be able to point you in the right direction for assistance.

Keep Trying

You may feel like you are getting nowhere in your efforts to have the concrete problems resolved, but don’t give up. Keep contacting local government offices until you find a solution. You could, of course, hire a concrete company to do the work for you, but then you would have to pay for the work and the company might not be able to do anything depending on who actually is responsible for the issue at hand.

File a Complaint

If you continue to try and seek assistance and get nowhere, file a complaint with the city. You can file a complaint with your local municipality and hopefully, it will get the ball rolling in your favor. You can also start a petition, involving neighbors who would also like the see the changes made. This way, you have more people who want the same thing done so that you can see some real progress in a short amount of time.

The process of getting the concrete repaired may be a long one. The government is often times slow in such repairs. Hopefully, you live in an area where such matters are taken care of quickly and the required work is done so that you can drive with easy or be able to enjoy the sidewalk without fear or tripping or children being harmed while at play.

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