Driveways constructed of concrete are prone to cracking or breakage as the years go by. Such damage can be the result of tree root growth, soil movement or winter freezing and thawing cycles. It is important for homeowners to have the slab repaired to avoid any damage to vehicles or individuals.

Cracks can bulge up and be areas where individuals will trip and fall or will make it difficult for you to park your car. Below are options for repair to bring the concrete driveway back to life.


One option is to resurface the area. To do this you will need to scratch out any remaining concrete in cracks, then clean and scrub the surface. Once dried, you will then pour a thin layer of concrete on the surface. Leave the concrete to cure for a few days and your driveway will look good as new. Instead of replacing the entire driveway, this option allows you to enjoy a smooth look at a lower price point. A professional concrete pourer will be able to lay the concrete in no time if you want to hire services for the job.

In the past, an old concrete driveway would be jackhammered and completely removed for a new driveway to be put in. Today’s materials allow for resurfacing, which avoids a major expense as well as longer time frame for the job to be completed.

Patching Cracks

If you have just a crack or two on your concrete driveway, these can be repaired without resurfacing or taking up the driveway. Cracks can range in size from hairline to fissures, with each having a proper strategy for repair. To start, the area of the crack will need to be cleaned. This will help when bonding the crack repair material. Remove loose pieces of concrete and brush away small pieces of debris with a broom. Once cleaned, you will need to fill the crack. Concrete caulking can be used for a small crack while concrete sealer is best used for larger cracks. Once in the crack, use a trowel to compress the repair material to ensure it goes down into the crack space.

Now it is time to let the material cure. You want to give the material plenty of time to dry and cure before a vehicle is used in the area of the repair. Follow manufacturer instructions for curing time. A high-quality water sealer can also be used to help minimize water damage with the crack. The sealer is added after the material has cured and dried fully.

Repairing a crack can be a much simpler process than resurfacing the entire driveway. However, if you do not feel confident in your DIY skills, contact a professional. Individuals with experience in concrete driveway cracks and repair will easily be able to take care of the issue for you. Have a beautiful driveway that looks great and provides space for vehicles that you can enjoy for many years to come with proper maintenance and repair.

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