Concrete is a common material used in a variety of ways for the home. From concrete porches and patios to sidewalks and driveways, concrete is a part of every home. As the homeowner, you may have noticed areas in which your concrete needs to be repaired. Cracks, loose areas, and buckling can be repaired, by you or a professional. Read on to learn more about basic concrete repair and how such services are completed.

Cracks in Concrete

If you have cracks in your concrete, such as in the driveway or sidewalk, they can be repaired. Any loose debris will need to be removed with a wire brush and broom. Cracks that are narrow can be filled with a masonry crack filler by using a caulking gun. A patching compound can also be used for the smaller cracks found within the concrete.

When dealing with wider, larger cracks, a different approach is needed. A sledgehammer and chisel will need to be used along the edges of the crack. You would basically be making the crack wider at the base in order to fill it correctly. The area will need to be cleaned and washed to ensure the compound will adhere correctly. A patching compound is then added to the cracks and tamped to remove any air pockets.

Concrete Step Edges

The edges of concrete steps can also be repaired with ease if you know what to do. Remove any damaged concrete and chisel the area to undercut the edges so the concrete can be repaired effectively. Line up the step with a wood board so you have a straight edge. The edge should line up with the step so the concrete can be repaired correctly and a heavy object such as a brick used to hold the board in place.

Patching compound should then be mixed and troweled over the area where the damage lies. Air pockets will need to be removed with a tamping process. The mixture should be smoothed in place and the top of the board used as a guide to correct the broken area.

Concrete Slabs and Walkways

Concrete slabs and walkways outside your home can often break and be in need of repair. The damaged area should be removed and replaced with fresh concrete. This process is best left to the professionals unless you have experience or have a set area that needs repairing. Consider a concrete sidewalk. Sidewalks are usually installed in square sections. If you have a square section that is damaged, this section will need to be removed and then replaced.

To do this, the concrete section will need to be busted up and all concrete removed. A form will then need to be created in the area and new concrete poured in place. Once set, the area is repaired and the form can be removed.

These are just a few ways that concrete can be repaired. When you have issues with your concrete, consider contacting a professional to ensure any repairs are completed correctly.

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