A fire pit is a lovely addition to any home. Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes, from pre-constructed options to do it yourself installations. For most homeowners, a fire pit needs to have its own area where the flame can be enjoyed clear of the home and in a relaxing space. Many homeowners looking to install a new fire pit often wonder if one can be installed on concrete. The answer is yes, a fire pit can be placed on concrete but there are things to consider.

Will the Fire Pit Be a Permanent Fixture?

The first thing you need to consider is if the fire pit will be a permanent fixture. If you are using a metal fire pit that is raised off the ground, then you can certainly use the pit anywhere, just be sure to place it far from the home to avoid any fire issues. If you are building a fire pit with stones or pavers, then the pit will be permanent so the installation should be considered more carefully.

Placing a fire pit on concrete is a safe alternative. It can be easier to remove any ash left behind from fires. However, the concrete can begin to spall and crack due to the heat of the flames. Because of this, you want to install the fire pit on concrete that you do not mind being damaged. Eventually, the concrete would need to be repaired and this can be costly.

Stable Foundation

If you have a concrete slab already located on your property, this can be the ideal place to put a fire pit. However, you need to bear in mind that it can be damaged due to high heat. If you are planning on using a fire pit for years to come, you may have to remove the pit and repair concrete over time if major damage occurs. However, on the plus side, you do not have to worry about the concrete catching fire which is a major bonus.


While you may want to create a large paver or stone fire pit for your home on a nice concrete slab, this can cause damage to the concrete. To avoid such damage, choose a prefabricated fire pit with legs so it can be placed on the concrete but without causing damage. Decorative fire pits can be found at major retailers and offer the same warmth and function as a DIY stone or paver fire pit. With this simple installation, you can place the fire pit on a concrete slab and be able to use it without worry of damaging the concrete. You can have a lovely area in the home where you can gather with friends and family, enjoy warm fires and even make smores.

When considering a fire pit install on concrete, consult with a professional in the concrete field. Have your home evaluated and see what options you have for a fire pit in the home. With professional assistance, you can feel better about your choice of the fire pit for many years to come.

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