Hosting a party is always fun and if you have a concrete patio or driveway, then you have the perfect area in which to host an event. A backyard BBQ is always fun, especially with a ton of food and drink. However, after the party is over, you may soon see that your concrete patio is stained and dirty from partying a little too hard! So how do you clean the concrete? What can you do to remove any stains such as wine or coffee from the concrete? Below are a few tips to get you started.

Removing Food and Trash

To begin, you want to remove any food or trash from the area. Cups, plates, forks, napkins, chips etc. will all need to be removed before cleaning can begin. To start, use a trash bag and pick up the larger items left on the ground. Once you have done so, use a broom to remove any loose chips or food crumbs from the concrete patio. After you have done this, you will be able to survey the area and see what stains are present or what stuck on food items will need to be removed.

Let’s say you had cake or other desserts at your party. You will need to use a hose and sprayer to remove the food that has stuck to the concrete pad. Once this has been done, you are ready to move on to stains.

Removing Stains

Now that you can see the stains, you are ready to start the cleaning process. To begin, take a hose and rinse the area that is affected with clean water. Next, take a sponge and use a solution of diluted white vinegar. This will be equal parts water and white vinegar. Allow this to sit for a few minutes. Next, use a clean wet sponge to lightly scrub the area with a mild dish washing liquid such as dawn and water.
Now you are ready to spray the area and rinse the stain clean. It is important to work on any stains quickly after the party to ensure that they can be removed. If you find the stain is stubborn, you can repeat the process in the hopes that it will come clean. Sometimes, more pressure is needed to remove any stubborn stains and a pressure works well to do this.

Oxalic acid and other concrete cleaners can also work well to remove stubborn stains. It is important to consider what the stain actually is and use a method of cleaning that is recommended for that particular stain. When hosting a party, be sure to have plenty of garbage cans and recycling receptacles available so that your guests will be able to throw away unwanted food or plates/cups so that you have less mess to worry about when the party is over. Don’t be shy about mentioning these areas so your guests will know where to put their food and plates when finished.

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