When it comes to concrete, there are many uses for the material in the home. Today’s concrete offers a variety of features and aspects that help homeowners to create functional and decorative elements. Take for example a driveway or concrete porch. There are decorative ways to create such elements of the home including stamping the concrete or coloring. Today’s concrete can actually be tinted before the installation to create a color that blends well with the exterior of the home. Learning more about colored concrete will help you to decide the method you wish to use to have a unique look with the concrete aspects of your home.

Coloring New Concrete

When you are pouring a new concrete driveway or porch, the powdered colorant can be poured into the concrete truck which leads to the mixing of the color. The colorant is mixed thoroughly with each load of cement before pouring. Extra water is usually needed in order to ensure the mix does not get too stiff as the colorant can lead to stiffness. You will also need to apply a color hardener on the top layer of the concrete once it has been poured. This can create a more vibrant color. Waterproofing can also be added next in order to help the color last as well as provide an added layer of protection to the concrete.

Painting Concrete

You also have the option to paint or stain your concrete. This is usually done on porches or decks but can be done to driveways as well. The first step is to clean the concrete. Trapped dirt, grease and oil will need to be removed. The old paint will also need to be stripped clean so you can start anew. After cleaning and stripping, a sealant will need to be used, especially if you are painting indoor concrete such as flooring. The sealant helps to prevent moisture from seeping in as well as stop mold growth.

A primer will then need to be used known as block primer. This works by filling in the pores and evening out the surface. The area in which you are painting will also dictate what type of primer you should use, be it for exterior or interior spaces. The next step is to then paint the concrete. You will need masonry paint which can also be called elastomeric wall coating or elastomeric paint. This type of paint has binders that will contract and expand with the concrete which helps the color to last.

During this process, you want to make sure the area dries thoroughly between each coat. This way, you will have a quality finished product.

If you are interested in painting or coloring your next concrete project, consult with experts in concrete. Individuals who work in the concrete industry will be able to review your project and help you find the best option when it comes to coloring your concrete. You can also hire professionals to do the work for you if you feel intimidated or do not have the time to complete the project yourself.

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