Concrete is a commonly used material for the home, from the driveway and sidewalks to porches and the actual foundation of the home. While these are common ways to use concrete, homeowners are now thinking outside the box and creating new structures and usable items for the home with this material. Below are a few examples as to how concrete is being used to give you ideas for the material for your home.


One of the most common ways concrete is being used in the home today is creating planters. Homeowners are using various forms to create unique concrete planters to place in the garden or throughout the home. Large bowls can be used to create cement planters or even wood forms. Once the concrete is poured and dried, the shape can be used to hold a small rock garden, plants, and flowers, whatever you prefer?


Another way that concrete is being used in the home is with countertops. Homeowners are creating their own concrete countertops or having them installed to create a unique look in the kitchen or bathroom. Concrete countertops are durable and can last a lifetime, providing a unique option for your home. To create concrete countertops, a form must be placed on top of a wood board located on the top of your cabinets. The concrete mix is poured and smoothed then allowed to dry for several days. Once completed, the concrete countertops are ready to seal and use! This can be a difficult process and something you might want to practice or hire a professional to do for you. Think outside the box on this idea. You can create countertops for an outdoor BBQ or bar to enjoy on your patio or deck with concrete, a new way to use the material.

BBQ Grill or Pizza Oven

Speaking of BBQ, you can also use concrete to create a BBQ grill area outdoors or even a pizza oven. These structures can be created from poured concrete or cement blocks, etc. There are several ways you can go about creating such structures for your home. With a BBQ grilling area, you can create a fire pit of sorts with a grill attached or you can make a cement structure where you will house your grill. For a pizza oven, you can use cement and stone to create a fire area where you will place the pizzas and have a unique way of cooking and enjoying the outdoor area of your home.

Overall, there are many ways you can use concrete to create structures that you will be able to use and enjoy within your home. Consulting with a concrete can be helpful for the larger structures you might want to create from concrete, including BBQ grill areas, pizza oven, patios, etc. By consulting with the experts, you can create a plan that will work for your home and have the experts do the work for you so that you know your concrete project will be completed perfectly!

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