When owning a home, you often find that things break down or are no longer usable. When it comes to concrete, areas of the home can break down and have to be repaired or redone altogether. From sidewalks to patios, over time the concrete can deteriorate and will need to be removed or redone. This is not a problem as concrete experts can easily help you with any repair needs, but what about the busted concrete? Can you reuse it somewhere else in your home?

Anything can be reused if you use your imagination. While some people see busted concrete as something that needs to be thrown away, others see the concrete’s potential. The use of the busted concrete will depend on what it looks like as well as texture. For example, if you have a broken sidewalk, with many tiny pieces of concrete, you could use the broken pieces to base a fire pit. This idea would save you money if you wish to create a firepit in your home.

Simply take the broken concrete and lay it in the area you wish to place the firepit. You can then add bricks or stones to construct the firepit, having a nice base to create your fires, free of charge!

Broken concrete can also be used as an accent in the garden. You can use larger broken pieces to line a flower bed for a unique accent or perhaps paint broken pieces to create pops of color in your garden. The options are truly endless as long as you use your imagination and get creative.

Raised Planters

One creative way to use broken concrete is with raised planters or a garden wall. Pieces of concrete can be recycled to create a raised planter or garden wall for your home. You will need pieces that are around the same height so stacking can be done evenly. You will need a large number of broken pieces to tackle this project unless you are making a small raised planter. Simply dig down 5 to 6 inches into the ground to create the base. Stack the broken pieces to create the sides of the planter, being sure to check each side and piece as you add them for levelness. Fill with dirt and plants once finished and you have a unique feature within your landscaping!

Staining Broken Pieces

Another way to accent your landscaping is to use broken concrete pieces but stain them. Concrete staining is easily done and a common way to color sidewalks, concrete porches, etc. Broken pieces can be stained the same color or in a variety of color to create a unique look within your landscaping. You can then use the concrete to create a step-stone walkway, fill in empty spaces in a flower bed, etc. The options are endless, but the end result will add a little color to your yard.

These are just a few examples of how you can reuse broken concrete. Get your imagination going and see what you can do with any broken concrete in your home today!

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