When constructing a concrete driveway or even the foundation of a home, drainage pipes are often added to assist with an overflow of water in the area. It is very common for a driveway or even a patio area to have drainage pipes installed under the concrete in order to help move water along so that the concrete is not damaged. But how do you upkeep these drainage pipes and make sure they are working properly? With drainage pipes, you want to make sure the piping stays in proper working order to avoid any issues with your concrete such as cracking or wet spots.

Purpose of Piping

The purpose of the drainage piping is to keep water from settling underneath the concrete. When water begins to settle it can cause concrete to shift, crack or even wet spots. Drainage pipes must stay in good working order to avoid any water damage issues. Signs of water damage due to pipe issues can include cracking of the concrete, wet spots, damp sections and concrete chunks breaking away from the main slab.

Unclogging and Repair Options

When signs of water or cracking occur in the concrete, you may have a clogged drainage pipe or repair needs. For a clogged pipe, a snake will usually do the trick to remove any items such as dirt and leaves from the pipe. Depending on the length of the pipe, you should be able to remove such items with a plumbing drain snake. For short drainage pipes, sometimes a strong water hose spray can help with unclogging.

However, you may find that your pipe is clear but in need of repair. There are basically two main ways to do this. One involves cutting a trench into the slab and then digging up the pipe and replacing the broken section. However, this is time-consuming and costly, not to mention messy. Another option is to line the cracked pipe with a new lining in order to seal any leak that might be present. This provides an inner layer that will be strong and help prevent waste water from seeping into the concrete.

In most cases, the inner pipe can be added to avoid any damage to the concrete plus not having to complete a time-consuming process. This alternative helps to avoid any digging or cutting as well as the need to disrupt any area of your home for a considerable amount of time. You also avoid having to wait for new concrete to cure once the repair has been completed.

If you have a concrete area of your home that has drainage pipes, keep a close eye on the pipes and how they are functioning. Catching any issues early on can help you avoid a major project for repairs. Concrete companies can suggest repair options such as lining the existing piping in order to repair issues that can arise. Do not hesitate to contact the experts when you feel a problem exists with your drainage piping.

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