A basement space is a perfect area for a man cave. When searching for a new home, many men will seek out a property with a basement just to have a space of their own. With a basement, you can create a space for entertainment, such as movies or games. If you are furnishing your first basement as a man cave, you may be at a loss as to where to begin. Below are a few examples of what you can do to customize your space.

Overall Goal for the Space

To begin, you want to consider what your overall goal for the space is. Do you want to be able to watch movies and sports? If this is your main goal, then the focus should be on comfortable furnishings and a big television. If game time is more your thing, then you want to dedicate a portion of the space for darts, pool table, foosball, etc. If you want to do both, you will have to determine if you have space and how you should lay out the furniture before you start purchasing items.

Plan It Out

Now that you have your main goal in mind, review your space. Try to imagine where you will put each piece, such as a television, sectional couch, etc. Take a measuring tape and map out your plans, seeing how much space you have for the pieces you wish to install. This way, when you go shopping at furniture stores, you can take measurements of the pieces to ensure they will fit in your space.

Also, remember to measure the entry way into the basement and any stairways that are along the path to the space. You want to be sure that any furniture you buy is not too big to fit into the room! You might need to remove couch legs or other components in order to help furniture fit into the space.

Paint Colors

You will also want to paint the basement to make the space your own. If you are going for a movie room man cave, opt for a darker color. This will help to provide an even darker space in the basement for watching movies. You can go with dark gray if you want to stay on trend with today’s popular paint colors.

Painting should also be done before you move any furnishings in so that you do not spill any paint on your new pieces.

Special Features

When planning your man cave, be sure to consider special features. Add a sofa that has cup holders or seat warmers. Get a small bar with stools so you can mix drinks when spending time with friends. Think about the activities you will be enjoying in your space and customize it with special features. Like bottled beer? Add a unique fridge to keep your brews cold and a wall bottle opener for quick access.

These are just a few ways you can customize your new man cave. Take time to plan out your space so that you can truly enjoy your new private area in the home.

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