When are an area of concrete begins to slouch, such as a front porch or sidewalk, repairs need to be completed. With concrete leveling, a professional has the ability to repair the sunken concrete issue. Such problems should be taken care of, so you can better enjoy your home as well as if you are planning to sell or rent your property. Below is an in-depth look at concrete leveling and how it can apply to your home.

What is Concrete Leveling?

The process of concrete leveling is to fill voids underneath the concrete. Cement and soil are mixed and then pumped under the concrete via holes that have been drilled into the concrete, such as with a porch or patio. The holes are used to push the material into the empty space and essentially fill the void, helping the concrete to be level once again. The process can easily be completed by an expert who has experience in concrete leveling repairs.

Is This A Quality Repair Option?

Many experts look to use concrete leveling in repair jobs rather than a complete replacement. It costs less for the homeowner and helps to maintain a cohesive look. Less work is needed, and the issue is taken care of effectively, allowing the concrete area to be level again in no time. The process is less disruptive, though an experienced contractor is needed to ensure the process is completed correctly.

If you are having issues with your home foundation, then concrete leveling can be used, if the settling problem is a half-inch or more. A contractor should recommend a specialist if your issue is more extensive. Be sure to speak at length with the contractor to ensure the project will work and that no specialist is needed.

When Should Concrete Leveling Not Be Used?

There are times when concrete leveling is not the solution. If your concrete has been cracked and is in pieces, then it will not be improved with concrete leveling. If you want the concrete to look good visually, then it will have to be redone when cracked into pieces. Homeowners in certain areas should have their soil tested where the issue is to see that there is no lime cavity or sinkhole that could be causing the concrete issue.

A good contractor will be able to determine if concrete leveling will be the solution for your concrete repair needs. It is always recommended that you work with only experienced professionals who are highly rated. When you work with an individual that has a good reputation, then you can rely on their expertise. You will be given good advice as to what to do for your concrete repair. You can trust that concrete leveling will work if that is what is recommended or find other ways to repair the concrete in your home.

Consult an expert today if your concrete is unlevel to determine if concrete leveling will work for you or if another repair method will do the job. Concrete should always be repaired when needed to ensure the property value of your home.

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