A basement is a great way in which to add square footage to a home. Basements are often added during home construction in order to provide additional space without extending the footprint of the home above ground. Basements can be large in size and consist of finished walls and flooring or be of simple construction and have concrete floors with cinderblock walls. A basement can be used as a safe place in areas where natural disasters such as tornados are prevalent or as a way to have extra space for larger families. Whatever the case may be, basements are quality space to have. So, what happens when you want your basement to be bigger? Can you extend the basement? And is there a proper way to do so?

Standard Basement Building

In the old days, a landowner would dig out their own area for a basement to begin and set cinderblocks and concrete to create the space. Today, some people still start their own homes by hand, but for the most part, professionals are hired to dig the area for the basement and foundation and the process can take just a few days or weeks rather than months or years. Standard basement building still uses concrete and cinderblocks and basements can be extended, but there are certain factors to consider.

Extending Your Basement

If you find that you want more basement space, the area will need to be inspected. A contractor will have to determine if your basement can be extended and how it can be done. There is much to consider. Are there are codes in your area that will stop the construction from taking place? Are any water lines, electrical and the like located in the area where the extension would take place? Would the integrity of the home be compromised during the digging phase to create more space within your basement?

Most of these questions you are probably not able to answer. A professional who specializes in building basements and homes will be able to evaluate your home and determine what can be done to create an extension as well as how it should be done. Permits will most likely be needed as well as a large crew to finish the job. On top of the new extension, an entry point will be needed from the old basement. This is just one of many factors that need to be considered.

Be aware that an extension of your current basement will be a big and expensive undertaking. You can do the work yourself but it will be a great deal of work and requires extensive planning to complete. For the most part, you will benefit most from hiring a company to do the planning and work for you. You can worry less about having to work more to see the basement extension come to life, enjoying a new space far quicker than if you decided to do the work yourself, saving both time and headache!

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