A small pond is a great way to add a nice accent to your property. There are many ways to add a pond to the home, with the two top choices being a rubber lined pond or a concrete construction. Both have their pros and cons, so if you are considering adding a pond to your home, it is best to learn about each type.

Permanent Vs. Non-Permanent

When it comes to a concrete pond, this is a permanent option. You want to be sure that when a concrete pond is installed it is done correctly as any changes can be costly and time-consuming. Professional builders of ponds like to use concrete as a construction material as it will include rebar and gunite which can lead to sturdier construction. If you want rockwork for your pond, using concrete makes this much easier.

So, essentially, you want to consider if you want a permanent pond or one that could be removed and refilled. If you are okay with permanent, then a concrete pond is your best bet. However, it must be laid correctly in order to function well. With a rubber liner, you can easily remove the water and start over if something goes wrong. Of course, this will be more work, but starting over or backtracking can be done while concrete work is much harder to redo.


Another factor to consider is cost. You want to weigh the cost of a rubber pond liner to concrete. Concrete is going to be much more expensive however the cost can pay for itself over time as the pond will be well-built and can add to the property value. An appraiser can equate the value of a well-built pond to a small swimming pool so you can see an increase in overall property value. A liner pond will be much more affordable and honestly something you can probably do yourself. You would need to dig out the area for the pond and then lay the liner, which will take time and effort on your part. When considering materials, the rubber liner is less expensive than the concrete and labor for a concrete pond will be more extensive.

Some homeowners feel that rubber liners look cheap, but once the pond is installed, the liner basically disappears. Many visitors may have no idea that your pond is a rubber one if you install it well and use rocks or other landscaping techniques around the pond.

As you can see, there are pros and cons to each pond type. You want to choose the best option for your budget needs as well as space on your property. Look into the cost of each pond type and determine which will be the best way for you to enjoy a pond in your yard. By talking to concrete experts and having estimates conducted, you can find the best solution for installing a pond in your home. There are pros and cons to each so essentially, it is a personal preference decision.

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