A concrete garden may seem like a weird idea, but it is actually doable. You have the option of creating a raised garden bed by using concrete as your base and concrete blocks to build up your garden walls so that it can be high above the ground. A raised bed allows you better access to the vegetables as well as protect your garden from critters. Learn how to create such a garden below.

Building a Base

You have the option of building only concrete walls for your raised garden bed, but adding a concrete base will ensure that your vegetables or flowers roots do not sink deep. To do this, you will need to use wooden 2×4 and create a base. Screw the wood into a rectangle or square shape based on the size you wish the garden bed to be. Once set, the concrete can be poured inside. It is recommended that you level the ground inside the form before you begin pouring the concrete to ensure it will set as level as possible. You want to check the form and make sure that it is level before pouring. You can then use a piece of wood to smooth the top of the concrete once poured.

You will then need to allow your base to dry. Once dry, you are ready to build the walls of your garden bed.

Building the Walls

The easiest way to build the walls of a raised garden bed is to use concrete blocks. Concrete blocks can easily be stacked and leveled to create the walls for the garden. You can choose how high you wish the walls to be and then stack the concrete blocks accordingly. Concrete blocks are affordable, so you won’t break the bank using this material to create your garden bed. You can use construction adhesive on each block as you stack to ensure they stay together.

Setting the Garden

Once your concrete base has dried and your walls are set, you are ready to begin setting your garden. You will need to place good quality soil inside to have a good base for your plants. Once you have the soil in place, you are ready to plant. Place your favorite vegetables, flowers, herbs, etc., whatever you wish to grow. With regular watering, you should soon see your plants thriving in your new concrete garden bed.

You can easily complete this project in the backyard if you have enough space. Many homeowners like to create several concrete garden beds so that they can plant herbs in one, vegetables in another and flowers in another. It can be fun to create different planting beds, watching as each becomes something new as they grow. You can make beds with beautiful greenery or choose to be colorful with flowers of every variety.

Take a look at your outdoor space and determine where you can add one of these unique concrete planters. Such planters raise plants off the ground, making it easier for you to care for the plants as well as protect the garden from critters.

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