So, you’ve noticed some cracks in your basement walls. Maybe they are major, maybe they are minor, either way, something needs to be done prevent further damage. Small cracks usually aren’t that troublesome, as they are pretty easy to repair, but large cracks could compromise the structural integrity of your home’s foundation, which can be very dangerous. Below, we will explore the steps that need to be taken to fix small cracks and what can be done to repair large cracks.

Small Cracks in Your Foundation

Small foundational cracks can look dangerous and scary but aren’t usually that big of a deal because of how easy they are to remedy. Any crack smaller than a ¼ inch is considered small and as long as there isn’t a large amount of them, they can usually be fixed quite easily with kits that can be bought at your local hardware store. These kits come with a caulking gun and some form of epoxy resin that is injected into the crack where it then dries up and creates an airtight seal to protect from water leakage and the development of a larger, more dangerous crack. The main issue trying to be resolved here is the development of the crack, if it can be kept small and controlled, structural integrity can be saved, which will not only create a safer environment for your home but also save you a lot of money.

Large Cracks in Your Foundation

Here is where the trouble can begin to brew for your foundation and home. If you notice a large crack, especially one that can be seen from both outside and inside, or one that goes from the wall to the floor, it is time to consult a team of professionals like we are here at Davis & Sons Concrete. We use two different types of Pier systems, Helical and Atlas, to transfer the weight of the structure to the denser soil layers below your home. By taking a lot of the stress off of your currently failing foundation, you are preventing cracks from developing more intensely, which allows for those cracks to be sealed up and repaired. To learn more about Helical and Atlas Pier Systems and which option will work best for your needs, visit here or call us for a free quote.

Don’t Sleep in a Crumbling Structure!

Checking for cracks in basement walls and floors is probably the last thing on your laundry list of home maintenance, but it is something that should not be neglected for the sake of your family, investment, and cost. The earlier the problem is addressed, the cheaper it will be to remedy. So, get down in your basement or crawl space, even if it’s gross down there, and check out your foundation. You’ll thank us later! If you do run into a problem, remember we are experts in this field, so give us a call for your free quote and we can get to work making your home a safer and more valuable place.

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