Concrete is a common material used in the home for a variety of features, from flooring to the foundation, porches, and sidewalks. When it comes to concrete, the material is durable and can last for decades. While concrete does not require regular maintenance, there are steps you must take in order to ensure your concrete surfaces stay in good shape. Read on to find how to care for various concrete areas of your home.

Concrete Porch

A concrete porch is a perfect addition to any home. Sturdier than a wooden deck, a concrete porch can easily be painted or stained, to match your aesthetic needs. When you have a concrete porch, it needs to be properly cared for. The porch first needs to be sealed to be able to withstand the elements. When it rains, be sure to sweep off any standing water. Over time, standing water can damage the porch, leading to peeling paint or dirty areas. Once a year, do a deep clean, sweeping the porch with water and a gentle cleanser. You can use a power washer on a low setting to clean the porch but be careful as strong pressure can wash off paint.

Concrete Flooring

When you have concrete flooring in the home, you have a modern and sturdy flooring type that never goes out of style. This flooring type requires different care than your standard hardwood or carpeting. With concrete flooring, you will need to vacuum the flooring to remove any dry soil. A small vacuum cleaner with good suction can remove any loose dirt and grime on the flooring. Any spills on concrete flooring must be cleaned quickly. Concrete is porous, so the material will soak in any liquid if it sits for too long.

Concrete Countertops

In today’s homes, concrete is often used for countertop material. With careful planning, concrete countertops can be custom poured for any home, creating a unique surface in the kitchen. Just like any countertop material, concrete countertops need to be cleaned in a particular way. This material is vulnerable to stains or etching due to exposure to oil, red wine, citrus or other materials.

To avoid these issues, countertops should be sealed. A penetrating sealer and wax will help to prevent any damage to your countertop due to stains or etching. It is important to use a quality sealer and then learn how to clean the countertops after the sealer has been used. Once your countertops are usable, clean them regularly based on the sealer type to ensure quality and performance.

As you can see, concrete is used in a variety of areas in the home. Learning how to maintain your concrete, from cleaning to repairs, will ensure that material withstands the test of time and provides you with quality features in the home. Whenever a problem or question arises, consult a concrete professional to see what you can do to care for the concrete in your home. Just like any other component of your property, concrete must be maintained and cared for to perform it’s very best.

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