Easter is coming soon, with many families in Rockford, Illinois preparing to celebrate with gatherings of loved ones. During the Easter holiday, homeowners often host barbeques and Easter egg hunts which leads to family time outside. To keep your concrete patio or sidewalks clean, it is smart to prepare for the party early. Use the tips below to ensure your property stays clean while everyone still enjoys a great time!

Garbage Prep

One of the big problems with Easter party messes is garbage. Whenever you host a big barbeque, there will be food and drink. This can easily lead to a big mess if you do not have proper garbage containers that are easily seen. Create a visible area where garbage will go so that everyone knows where to place plates and cups as well as food once mealtime is over. By creating this station and informing everyone several times, loudly, of the garbage space, you will hopefully avoid any big messes outside

Choose Finger Foods

While a barbeque is tasty and fun, you can keep your concrete patio much cleaner by opting for a finger food meal instead of drippy barbeque chicken. Try to think of foods that will be less messy if dropped on the floor. By having a menu that is not messy, you can avoid big stains or gross cleanups at the end of the day.

Choose Plastic Instead of Real Eggs

Part of an Easter party is to hide and hunt for Easter eggs. Kids love hunting for eggs and it can be great fun until you find an old stinky egg in your yard that was never found! Instead of using real eggs which can be messy and stinky, choose to hunt plastic eggs. The eggs can be filled with prizes such as cash or change, candy or prizes, which will entice the kiddos even more. Plastic eggs can be recycled and reused each year which is a major plus point. The eggs can also be left unfound without the potential threat of smelling like some stinky skunk months down the road!

After Party Cleanup

After an Easter party, there will be cleanup involved. Hopefully, your family and friends will have used your garbage station and avoided dropping any food or drink on your patio. Take time after the party to assess the area. Sweep up any messes and use a water hose or power washer to remove any stuck on food or clean up any spills. By cleaning up after the party, you will avoid having to wake up to a huge mess the next day or have an even harder time cleaning up as the food items have hardened and led to an even sticker, stuck on mess.

By being proactive, you can host a fun Easter party and enjoy your time with family and friends, not worrying about cleaning up after. Ask a few of your party goers to hang back and help, offering food to take home as a bonus for sticking around and helping clean up!

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