When selling a home, every aspect of the dwelling is under review. From the potential homeowners to the inspectors, your home is going to be under a microscope. You’ve repainted and decluttered, even made repairs that you have put off for years. So, what else should you do? Surprisingly, there is so much to consider, even the concrete components of your home. Whether you have a concrete driveway, sidewalk, porch or foundation, it is important to review these areas and ensure that your home looks it’s very best.

From the Potential Home Owner Perspective

To start, let’s put ourselves in the potential home owner’s mind. From their perspective, they are trying to put themselves in your home. Does it seem to be in good condition? Does anything seem to be in need of repair? When it comes to concrete components, potential homeowners will be looking for large cracks or broken areas. Do you have a concrete pathway that is missing a section of concrete due to breakage? If so, those looking at your home will notice. This may have potential homeowners wondering if there are more problems within the landscape or inside the home.

When you have broken concrete or major areas of repair, it is important to have these issues resolved before listing your home. Anyone reviewing your home for potential purchase might be put off, especially if the issue is structural.

From the Inspectors Point of View

An inspector is called in once a potential homeowner has decided they want to take a contract out on your home. This individual will be inspecting every area of your home to determine if anything needs to be addressed. When it comes to concrete, the main source of concern for an inspector will be crawlspaces, basement areas, and the foundation. An inspector will be searching for any large cracks or issues that need to be repaired as there are structural issues present.

If an inspector finds a problem, it can delay the sale of your home due to repair needs. To avoid this from happening, it is important to have such issues as foundation cracks dealt with before listing the home on the market. By taking care of such issues early, you can ensure that an inspector will not find fault in your home.

So, what can you do about concrete issues or avoid an inspection problem? Consult with a concrete expert. Have a professional tour your home and review the areas where concrete is present. This way, you can find out exactly what should be repaired and get the work done before you list your home for sale. Any issue will be repaired quickly, leaving you with a home that presents well to those looking for a new home and leaves no issues for inspectors if your home is placed under contract.

Take a walk around your home today to see what changes or repairs might be needed to ensure your concrete is in good shape before listing. The time and effort spent are well worth it!

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