When it comes to the concrete surfaces of your home, you will find that over time, repair service will be needed. From sidewalks and driveways to the foundation of your home, you should rely on the experts to ensure the concrete is repaired effectively. Below are a few examples of concrete repair options that can be found through us for your home repair needs.

Slab Jacking

The term slab jacking is probably one that you have never heard before. Slab jacking is when special concrete repair technology is used to lift a sunken slab of concrete by pushing grout through the material. Basically, the grout is applied from below and fills in the empty space to push the slab up and ensure the concrete is level once again. This process takes time and knowhow not to mention tools. Hiring a professional for your concrete repair needs is a must.


When it comes to concrete used in a basement or foundation, waterproofing is a must. With waterproofing, you are ensuring that water will not be able to seep into your home. With a basement area, the concrete floor and walls will need to be waterproofed on the inside as well as the outside. Special waterproofing paint or sealants can be used to lock in the pores of the concrete, so water cannot seep inside. Sealants can last for years but should be reapplied from time to time. An expert in concrete repair and sealing will be able to review your concrete basement or foundation and determine what processes need to be completed in order to ensure your home remains waterproof.

Without waterproofing, you are at risk of flooding or structure issues. It is best to have your home reviewed by an expert and waterproofing added as needed so you do not have much worse, and more expensive, problems on your hands in the future.

Basement Foundation Repair

A basement foundation is often created in concrete or concrete stone block. These blocks are supporting the weight of your home and over time, shifting can occur. When you begin to notice cracks or bulging in the foundation of your basement, its time to call in an expert. You want to have a professional review your foundation and suggest any repair needs. Without repairs, your foundation can begin to have structural issues that can lead to problems in other areas of the home.

A concrete expert will be able to look at your foundation, considering any cracks or bulges. The problem will be evaluated, and a solution provided. Never try to solve such issues on your own as you can do more damage than good. The structural integrity of your basement and possibly the foundation of your home may be at risk. It is essential that homeowners review such areas of the home on a regular basis to ensure no cracks are present. If a problem arises, contact a professional for an inspection.

If your home is experiencing issues with concrete components such as sidewalks, foundation or basement area, never hesitate to contact a professional for repair assistance.

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