To avoid water or musty issues in a basement or within your concrete foundation, waterproofing is a must. When your home was constructed, waterproofing should be provided as needed to ensure your home would be protected from water damage. When it comes to waterproofing, you want to have the outside of your foundation and/or basement to be coated as well as the interior. This will help to keep water from entering the home.

The type of waterproofing you choose as well as how the solution is applied will determine how long you can wait until waterproofing is added again. Read on to see just how long waterproofing can last and how you should be preparing your home.

Waterproofing Lifespan

Unfortunately, waterproofing is not a one-size fit all solution. There are several factors to consider. You will need to look at your basement and/or foundation and see if any cracks exist and how the groundwork is laid. Because every home is different, the way you waterproof and what solution you use will vary from home to home.

Generally speaking, waterproofing materials will include a primer and paint for the interior and exterior of the dwelling. When it comes to a basement, you want the interior walls as well as the exterior to be coated well. Primer and paint will act as a sealant for the space. Crack injections will also be needed when you have cracks in your foundation or basement walls.

In most cases, a primer and crack injection will have a lifespan of around ten years. If they are applied in the correct manner, the waterproofing capabilities should last at least ten years, if not longer. When a professional handles the waterproofing process, the lifespan of the product can be extended. In combination with exterior land grading and excavation techniques, water will stay away from the home and you can see the waterproofing product last even longer.

If you have recently moved into a home and appear to have issues with the foundation or basement, it is important to consider waterproofing. Doing the work now will give you peace of mind for several years until you need to repeat the process yet again.

Benefits of Waterproofing

We all know that water can damage the home, but do you know just how much damage water can cause? When water seeps into a basement, it can destroy flooring and belongings as well as create mold and mildew, which leads to even more damage in the home, along with health issues. Water damage is messy and costly to clean up. Taking the proper precautions with waterproofing ensures that your home is not going to be affected by water damage and that you can avoid any unwanted, costly repair needs in the future.

If you are unsure about the waterproofing in your home, contact a concrete expert. Learning from the professionals will ensure that your home is inspected properly and that you can feel protected for many years to come. If any issues are found, you can have waterproofing added to your home for protection from the elements.

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