Most people have a basement in their home, used for extra living space or unfinished and simply a place for storage. No matter what you do down there, a basement needs to be inspected on a regular basis as problems can occur over time. Bowing or buckling of the basement walls are a sign that an issue is present and needs to be inspected by a professional. In many cases, wet or settling soil presses against the basement walls and leads to additional issues that affect the structure. Once the walls begin to bow, it will cause a major issue in the home.

If you ever find that basement walls are bowing, contact us immediately. This repair should never be ignored, and great care should be provided to restore your home. Severe structural damage can be quite costly if not repaired in a timely manner.

The Foundation Wall

When severe structural damage is present within the basement walls of the home, you will begin to see bowing as well as horizontal cracks. In some instances, the only way to rectify the issue is to remove the foundation wall and rebuild. This process should only be completed by a professional as it involves a great deal of work.

The yard around the foundation will need to be removed and then the foundation excavated. The soil in this area will have to be removed and set aside. Temporary supports will then be put in place to support your home while the foundation wall is removed and then replaced. Once the project is complete, the dirt is filled back in.

Steel Bracing

Another option for repair is steel bracing. This is a traditional repair method used to correct bowing concrete block walls. In the past, an I-beam would be used but was unable to conform to the wall. Today, lighter steel is used that is stronger and has a low profile, conforming to the wall and create adequate support.

The steel will be anchored to the footing of the foundation and then attached to the floor joist above. The steel is tightened against the wall and creates a permanent repair. There will be no need for maintenance or adjustment in the future. The beam can be hidden behind a stud wall, easily unseen in a basement space.

With these options, your basement can easily be repaired when you see bowing begin to take place within the walls of your home. As the homeowner, it is your job to review your basement from time to time to check for cracks or bowing. When you find an issue, contact a concrete repair company for assistance.

By taking care of the problem early on, the repair need, and cost can be minor when compared to waiting. The longer bowing is allowed to exist, the more extensive the repair need. This means more time and money to get your basement walls back to a straight position. Create a schedule with reminders so that you can ensure your basement walls are free of imperfections on a regular basis.


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