Now, this is not a type of repair we offer ourselves. The reason we’re talking about this today is to share our love for concrete. It has so many applications that are big or small. We just wanted to talk about a big one.

In the United States, there are tens of thousands of bridges across the nation. These bridges provide passage over waterways, allowing residents to travel home and visitors to travel to new regions of the US. As our nation’s bridges age, repairs need to be made in order for the infrastructure to remain intact. Many bridges are relied on as the only form of travel across major rivers in the states, so without proper care, driving safety is at risk.

The cost of repairing bridges falls to the federal government and local jurisdictions. Congress must provide states with resources for repairing and rebuilding bridges, especially older bridges. Currently, a federal transportation program provides funding for maintenance and repair of bridges, but this money only covers a small amount of what is needed to repair existing bridges. It is becoming increasingly difficult for local jurisdictions to be able to pay for bridge repair needs.

States have taken upon themselves to make the repair needs in order to meet aging and traffic demands. However, local revenues are shrinking, and money is not there for repairs in many instances. Even small bridges can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. Experts in concrete work must be hired in order to review the bridge infrastructure and determine what action needs to be taken to keep the bridge in proper working order.

Damage and Repair

Bridges across the United States suffer from damage and are in desperate need of repair. Bridges are traveled on constantly, which can create wear and tear on structural components. The older the bridge, the worse for wear it can be in today’s society. Over time, footages can wear or move slightly, which can lead to cracks in the bridge foundation, if the bridge is constructed from pure concrete. Bridges can also be damaged due to accidents on the roadways. When a bridge is damaged, repairs should be provided right away, but most state governments do not have the funds to do so.

In the United States, the Federal Highway Administration has stated that over 11% of the highway bridges in the country are considered structurally deficient. Such a classification requires maintenance as well as replacement or rehabilitation. The backlog of maintenance needs continues to grow longer with costs only rising as more and more bridges need attention. Bridges are expected to last for around fifty years, with the majority of those in need of maintenance have reached the 40+ year mark.

Bridges provide access between cities and regions and must be maintained. Workers go to their jobs via bridges, goods are transported, and people are able to reach essential services such as doctors’ appointments via bridges. Billions of dollars are currently needed to ensure that the nation’s bridges stay in proper condition.

Without proper care, accidents can occur, and areas shut down when a bridge becomes a safety hazard. Preservation efforts are needed to ensure that bridges in the United States stay in good condition, providing proper access to transportation needs.

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