Grain bins are vital to farmers in the US who need quality options for storage. A solidly constructed grain bin can last for years if installed properly. However, over time, the foundation of a grain bin may be in need of repair. The concrete foundation is the base of the bin and what allows the bin to be able to function correctly. If the foundation is not supporting the bin correctly, issues can develop including damage to crops or failure of the bin. This can lead to costly losses to those who count on their crops as part of their income.

Foundation Issues

Problems with the concrete foundation can occur when the ground underneath the grain bin is not packed correctly. Before the foundation is laid, the ground underneath must be compacted properly. This helps to avoid any shifting or falling away in the future. After the ground has been compacted, the concrete foundation can be laid down. Trained professionals need to provide the service as the concrete must be mixed currently and the right amount used. If not mixed properly, the concrete can crack or heave in the future which leads to water leakage issues and other problems.

Signs of Grain Bin Foundation Failure

There are signs you can look for to determine if your grain bin is having issues. These can include cracks in the foundation, settlement, shifting of the foundation, heaving, sloped foundation or the grain bin actually pulling away from the foundation.

If you begin to see signs that your grain bin foundation is failing, it’s time to call in the experts. The foundation may be able to be repaired from the inside, which would be relatively easy to do by a concrete expert. It may also require the grain bin to be lifted while the work is completed and then the bin put back in place.

There is no way to know exactly how the foundation needs to be repaired until it has been reviewed by an expert. In some cases, bin jacking needs to be used to lift the damage grain bin, so the foundation can be repaired underneath. New panels can also be placed on the grain bin after it has been lifted so that it can be restored after any cracks have been filled within the foundation.

In some cases, the foundation problems are severe, and the result is a new foundation is needed. When this happens, a completely new foundation will need to be poured for the grain bin. This will be a much lengthier process but will ensure the grain bin foundation is properly installed and will remain in positive working order for many years to come.

If you are installing new grain bins, be sure to work with an expert team who can ensure the foundations will be installed correctly. If you have grain bins that are showing foundation issues, have the foundations inspected by a concrete expert to see what repair service will work to fix the existing issues.

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