Concrete is used in several areas of the home, such as with sidewalks and driveways, patios and basement flooring, plus foundations. Concrete is used in such areas due to its durability, able to last for many years without repair. However, concrete is not without issue. If you find that a concrete installation has become uneven, you may have a big problem and need to repair it straight away to avoid greater damage in the future. Below are a few scenarios to show you just how uneven concrete can lead to much larger issues.

Uneven Sidewalk

If you have a sidewalk or walkway on your property that has become uneven, it may be a side of water damage or improper installation. When a sidewalk is laid with concrete, the area is first dug away and leveled. A mixture of sand and gravel or other materials is usually used as a base for the concrete and then the concrete is poured. If the installation is not done properly, then you can see uneven lines. The uneven is due to the base having issues.

When a heavy rain takes place, the base under the concrete can be washed away. This leads to no support for the concrete, so it can begin to warp or look uneven. The concrete requires a good base to be able to provide a pathway for walking without any cracks or breakage. Any uneven spots should be fixed by a professional, so you no longer have to worry about any damage occurring in the future.

Uneven Flooring

If you have a concrete basement in your home and the flooring is uneven, this can be a sign of your foundation having shifted or the ground beneath the floor has shifted. Either way, the issue will need to be fixed. Let’s take for example a basement shift. If the flooring of your basement has shifted slighted and you can see cracks along the wall, then you have a serious structural issue. The foundation may have slipped significantly, which has led to issues within the flooring and wall space.

For the home to function properly and the floors to be evened out, leveling will have to take place. Or the problem evaluated to see if another issue is at play. When you find that the basement concrete flooring is beginning to show signs of being unlevel or cracking is occurring within the walls, repair service must be provided. This way, the flooring can be repaired, and you can no longer worry about extensive damage occurring in your home.

If you are like most homeowners, then you have no experience in laying concrete or understanding concrete repairs. Any changes you might try to make can result in a bigger issue, with more time and money spent on the problem. Avoid any further damage by contacting the experts and having your home inspected by a concrete professional. This way, the issue can be repaired straight away and you can avoid worrying about your home any further.

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