If you have a basement in your home and noticed recently that the walls are bulging, then you have a problem. Bulging walls are normally a clear sign that you have a foundation issue. When the foundation begins to bulge, it can lead to even more issues within the basement area as well as the rest of the home. Bowing walls can create cracks, which can create water damage in the future or structural integrity loss. If you have noticed your basement walls are bulging, it’s time to take action to have your home repaired as needed.

Common Causes of Wall Bulging

If you notice that your basement walls are bulging, it’s time to determine the cause. You will not know how the home needs to be repaired until you know what is causing the issue. The most common cause for the walls to be bulging is that the soil around your foundation has a hydrostatic pressure which is causing the soil to increase. the pressure from the soil causes the foundation to shift which can lead to bulging.

As the walls begin to bulge, cracks can develop. This will lead to water seeping into the home and structural damage to your space. The bowing will continue over time until the walls are fixed, or the bulging will just continue to get worse.

Moisture issues can also be a problem that leads to bulging. Moisture in the soil around the foundation of your home can create settling. This settling process can lead to the walls in your home to lean which creates a bulging effect. Roots of nearby shrubbery or trees can also create foundation shifting that will lead to bulging walls.


Now that you can see the issues that cause bulging walls in basement areas, what is the solution? There are several ways that bulging walls can be repaired. The type of bulging will result in the treatment needed. However, one common factor will all repair types is that every issue needs to be taken care of quickly. The longer you wait, the more time consuming a repair service will be as well as more costly to your pocketbook.

One solution is to use wall anchors. These anchors are used to repair the common issues with bulging basement walls. Anchors will be installed in the ground next to the affected wall. The anchors are attached to a plate on the interior of the wall and a long rod used to tighten the plate. This helps to create pressure that straightens the wall back to normal.

Helical Piers are another option to help provide support for bulging basement. This type of pier is used to support a settling foundation as well as stabilize it. The piers are screwed into the ground below the foundation and then work to support the weight of the home to lift the dwelling to its normal positioning.

These are just two options that professionals can provide when configuring repairs for bulging basement walls. Always consult with professionals to ensure your home is repaired in the best way possible to protect your investment.

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