A basement is an area of the home that is multi-purpose. In a basement, you may use the space for recreation and storage, plus have a space for safety if you live in a region prone to tornados. Whatever you use your basement for, it is important to ensure that the space stays in good condition. It is common or a basement to begin to crack within the walls or for bowing to take place. When these issues occur, you can have structural integrity loss within your home. Keeping an eye on the basement walls will ensure you catch any issue before it becomes a major problem.

What Causes Bowing Walls?

If you have seen bowing walls within your basement, you may be wondering why they are leaning in. This type of issue is caused by pressure from the soil surrounding the walls. When groundwater is located in the soil around the foundation, it can increase hydrostatic pressure. The pressure will push the soil against the foundation, which would be the basement walls.

This causes a shift which will create a leaning or bowed wall. Cracks can then occur which can then lead to water entering the home and more structural damage to your space. Once bowing begins, the problem can only get worse and can lead to an eventual failure of the foundation.

After a Storm

If you live in a region where heavy rains occur, it is important to keep a check on the perimeter of your home. Once the rain stops, go look outside and see how saturated the ground is near your basement walls. If you have standing water, then you will eventually have a problem as over time, the water that continues to pool here will seep into the ground and cause pressure for the walls of your basement.

If you then begin to notice bowing with your basement walls, then it is time to contact a contractor. You will need to have your basement reviewed by a professional to determine what steps need to be taken to repair the damage before it becomes an expensive and time-consuming problem.

Repair Options

When walls are bowing in your basement, there are several options for repair. The cause of the problem needs to be detected first before any repair can be provided. One option for repair is wall anchors. This type of anchor is installed on the wall that is damaged and then used to slowly straighten the wall. Pressure is placed on the opposite wall to the one being pushed in to help with stabilization.

Helical Piers are another option that can be used for repair. The piers are screwed into the ground below the home and then used as support to help stabilize a foundation that may be sinking. The support helps to keep the home structurally sound and can be used to straighten out a bowing wall.

If you have noticed your basement walls are bowing, contact a concrete professional to review your home. By learning the root cause of the bowing, the proper repair method can be provided, ensuring that your home is repaired correctly.



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