Concrete is a material used to create several aspects of the home, including the foundation, a basement, driveway, sidewalks and more. Concrete is a durable material and if installed correctly, can last for decades. Yet, even with proper installation, problems can still exist. When heavy rains occur over a period of time or severe flooding in one instance, it can result in damage to concrete. The concrete begins to shift, which leads to sloping issues. One way to fix this problem is with mudjacking or slabjacking.

Understanding the Process

With mudjacking, also known as slabjacking, a building, driveway or other object is lifted with a process where concrete is pumped underneath the item that is lifted. With this process, the object is pushed upwards, back to its original position. Let’s take for example a patio. Imagine that a homeowner has a concrete patio that is 3 to 6 inches in thickness, created from concrete. Due to soil issues, a portion of the concrete has begun to slope. How can this be fixed at a minimum cost?

With mudjacking! When the foundation of the patio has become weak, it needs a little cushion. A mixture is injected under the concrete patio to help push the patio back to its original position. Instead of repouring the concrete, the mudjacking process basically uses concrete, known as mud, to jack the patio back into position.

This process is a cheaper way to repair a concrete area instead of demolishing the object and starting over or trying to repour concrete over the existing patio. With mudjacking, you have a solution that can ensure the proper placement of the object to its former state in no time.


With the process of mudjacking, a drill is used to place holes into a slab or concrete. A portable pump is then used with hoses that are flexible to fill the holes with a mixture of concrete. The concrete then lifts the slab, creating leveling.

There are several benefits to mudjacking. First, the process can be completed in almost any weather. It can be difficult to pour concrete in certain conditions, but with mudjacking, the process can be done at any time as the material is injected below the slab to create a strong base.

During the process, there will be little to no disruption to your landscaping, which is always a plus! When lifting a structure such as a patio, there is no need to remove any furniture or other items as the pump has the ability to lift the weight of the slab as well as anything on it. This saves time during the repair process.

If you have a concrete structure that needs assistance, be sure to contact a contractor to learn more about mudjacking. The process is a cheaper alternative to repairing shifted concrete, helping you to ensure the integrity of your concrete for years to come. The process takes just a few hours and can save you a ton of time and money.

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