If you have had any foundation repair work done, then you most likely have heard the term helical pier. But what is it? How does it help with repairing a foundation? A helical pier is used along with brackets and anchors to help create a compressive force or resist tension, repairing the issues with the foundation of a home. A helical anchor looks like a large screw and works perfectly for foundation repair, including helping to support chimneys, porches, steps and more.

Helical piers work well for foundation repairs for residential homes, commercial or industrial buildings. The pier will add support and are widely used to repair foundations that are in need of assistance. The advantages of using helical piers are vast. The option creates a permanent solution for home stabilization. The installation is simple and minimal vibration will cause little to no disturbance to your yard space. Piers can be installed in any weather with the load of the structure transferred after the installation.

Where are Helical Piers Installed?

Also known as screw anchors and ground anchors, a helical pier can be used in a number of situations where stabilization is needed. When walls are leaning or bowing, they can be used as tiebacks to correct the issue. With new construction, helical piers can be used to provide additional support in both commercial and residential projects.

As mentioned, helical piers are also used in foundation repair. This is perhaps the most common use for the option as the anchor style pier works great to support structural problems that can occur due to the settling of the foundation or shifting. If you have experienced foundation issues, a helical pier can be the perfect solution to see the structural integrity brought back to your home.

Sunken slabs can also benefit from helical piers. This anchor can be used to lift the slab to its original position and provide stability for the long term. In sloped areas, helical piers can be used with soil nails to provide stability. Guy wire and utility pole installations are another area in which helical piers are often used.

Helical piers have many uses and have been a go-to for more than 150 years to support structures that are weak or wet from the soil. In the early days, the piers were commonly used for support needs, but once the hydraulic motor was invented, the helical piers became even more popular for structural needs as the pier could be installed in a safer and faster method.

It is recommended that only professionals who have experience with installing helical piers work to provide any structural assistance you may need in your home or commercial building. Engineers with experience can oversee the design and application of the project to ensure the is completed in a timely fashion and correctly. Specialized equipment is needed to complete the work and your home will soon be structurally sound with the help of the helical piers.

When your home is affected by foundation issues, contact a local concrete specialist to have helical piers or other useful methods put in place to help correct the structural problems of your home.  

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