As you review concrete areas of your home, you may find yourself asking the question: ‘should my concrete be repaired or replaced?’ From driveways to sidewalks, patios, and walkways, it is quite common to see concrete used in several exterior areas of the home. Over time, concrete can begin to crack, buckle or have other issues. Some issues can be repaired easily, while others would do better with a replacement. So, how do you determine which option is best for you?

Advanced Repair Methods

Today, advances in concrete construction have allowed for new ways to repair areas of the home with ease. Products for repair now dry faster, are more durable and stronger than ever before. Contractors are learning more about their options when it comes to repairs and they can easily provide solutions for areas in your home that need attention. When chipping has occurred or there are cracks in your concrete, a repair will be the quickest and least expensive to your concrete issue. Because methods of repair have advanced over the past few years, it makes the most sense to tackle small problems with a repair service.


When considering a replacement, it is important to think of two words, deterioration and installation. If you find that your concrete is deteriorating, then there is something within the chemical makeup that is causing the issue to occur. Instead of trying to repair the issue, you are better off with a replacement. When the chemical makeup of the concrete is affected, it does no good to repair the material as the issue will continue. With a replacement, you can ensure the proper process is completed so that the new concrete is solid and without issue.

The installation of your concrete should also be considered. Was your driveway or sidewalk installed incorrectly and that is the basis of your damage? Perhaps the soil was not based properly which has led to a buckling of the concrete. If so, no matter how many times you repair the concrete, you will have an issue because of installation problems. By starting from scratch, you have a solid foundation for your concrete, helping to ensure no problems in the future.

Overall, the choice to repair or replace will boil down to the type of issue you have. In most cases, a crack or fissure can be easily repaired. When the concrete is buckling, then you most likely have a larger issue at play, which will result in the need for replacement.

If you are unsure as to which way to go, the best solution is to consult with a professional. A company that specializes in concrete repairs will be able to check your concrete and provide a solution that will work best. Consulting an expert can be the smart way to check your concrete problem as you will not be spending money on a repair that would otherwise require a replacement, saving you time and money in the long run.

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