When it comes to driveways for residential homes, the most common material used is concrete. A driveway constructed of concrete will last for years, providing a nice space for vehicles as well as for kids to ride bikes and play. It is important to learn as much as you can about your concrete driveway, so it can stay in top condition. Many homeowners wonder if leaving a heavy weight on the driveway, such as a truck or RV will damage the concrete over time. This is a good question to consider, along with other components that can damage concrete.

Avoid Excessive Weight

When concrete is poured, it will begin to harden quickly. However, the material is still susceptible to damage for a time period of around four weeks. When having a new driveway poured, be sure to avoid adding excessive weight during this time frame. Foot traffic should be avoided at least 24 hours after the driveway has been poured and a vehicle should not be placed on the driveway until a ten-day time frame has passed.

Regular vehicles can be used on the driveway after ten days, but heavy pickup trucks or RVs should not be on the concrete until a month has passed. The concrete needs plenty of time to cure so that it will be able to handle the heavy weight of larger vehicles.

It is also important to note that if the concrete is thinner on the edges, then heavier vehicles like RVs or bigger trucks can cause cracking. Driving heavier weight vehicles over the thinner portions of the driveway can lead to breakage.

If you can avoid using bigger vehicles altogether on your concrete driveway, it’s better. However, if you have larger vehicles, be sure that their weight is considered by the concrete professionals who are pouring your driveway.

Trucks that are used for construction or RVs are going to be the heaviest vehicles that might affect your concrete driveway. Over time, the weight can put stress on the driveway. If you can avoid it, do so.

Water is the Enemy

With a concrete driveway, the biggest enemy is water. Rain, snow, ice or water from irrigation can easily destroy concrete. The life expectancy of the driveway can be shortened if water damage were to occur. As concrete cures, water inside the material evaporates. It is the nature of concrete to absorb water. When water is constantly present, it will weaken the surface materials bond. When the surface becomes weak, it will start to wear away.

It is essential that concrete is sealed with a waterproof material or another chemical to protect the integrity of the material. With the proper sealing, your concrete driveway will last for many years to come. Avoid parking heavy vehicles on the driveway and ensure a proper installation and you will not have any difficulty with your driveway in the near future. Working with a professional concrete installer will help to better ensure the integrity of your new driveway.

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