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Winter in Illinois is a time when many homeowners look to strengthen their homes against the harsh elements. In most cases, this is accomplished by tightening the seals that have a way of allowing heat to escape and cold air to move in. Insulation, windows, and doors are all considered during the winterization process. However, waterproofing your home is another aspect of the process that should be considered, and for good reason. The main reasons include:

Most Homes Are Victims of Poor Waterproofing

Most homeowners pay no attention to waterproofing and as the years go by, the aging home’s foundation grows weaker and eventually more vulnerable to water. The more vulnerable homes are ones with basements. Though, even homes without basements can endure significant waterproofing and foundation issues, as a result of years or decades of no waterproofing updates.

The Many Inches of Snow Will Melt

When is waterproofing most crucial? When is the time that it is most useful? When water is gathering around the foundation or base of the home. Some homeowners believe that rainy days are the best example, but what about springtime snowmelt. As a resident of Illinois, springtime snowmelt can amount to some serious buildup of water. Unfortunately, by the time the water buildup happens, it is too late to stop it by means of waterproofing. Proper waterproofing involves time to organize, budget, and implement. Springtime runoff and snowmelt are an excellent reason to waterproof before the snow comes. This ensures you are ready when spring comes.

Water Problems Can Occur During Winter Warm Spells

Even before spring hits, we experience snowmelt which can lead to serious issues if your home is not waterproofed. In the winter time, snow can melt just as easy as in spring. Warm spells come and go throughout the season, and many times temperatures can remain just above freezing for weeks at a time. This means more snowmelt (i.e. running water) with the warmer temperatures. Most homeowners are taken by surprise when foundation problems or basement flooding occurs during the winter months. Think of thermodynamics. Also, if you are a believer in climate change, it is understandable that certain areas seem to experience milder winters than in the past. This means that the chance for snowmelt during the winter months is greater and will continue in the future.

Trust a Professional for Your Waterproofing Needs

To ensure a successful waterproofing, you will want to consider a professional with knowledge and skill in waterproofing, foundation work, and masonry. You may be unaware of how well your home’s basement and foundation are currently protected against the dangers of water. That is why a preliminary assessment is important to determine what exactly (if anything) must be done. If your home already experiences waterproofing issues, your local expert should have the ability to provide you with a clear picture, and options on how you can resolve them before winter.

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