If you are like most homeowners, you have concrete areas within your home, such as concrete driveways, patios, and sidewalks. These areas are used for walking around your home or for conversation areas where you can lounge. However, these large open spaces can also be used for decorating. Have you thought about creating holiday signage on your concrete with chalk or paint? Decorating concrete can be fun, but you want to be sure the material you use will wash away easily once the holiday is over.

During the Installation

When a new concrete area is added to your home, such as a patio or sidewalk, the installation needs to be completed by a professional. You want the area to be smooth and look its very best, installed in an area that is ready to be a base for your concrete addition. A professional concrete installer knows how to install the material correctly, ensuring the concrete will set and be ready for use in no time.

Once the concrete has been installed, it will need waterproofing. This will ensure any materials that are placed on the concrete will wash away and that the concrete will not be affected by heavy rains, ice or snow. When concrete is not waterproofed, it can be subject to water seepage, which can lead to cracking and other issues.

Decorating Your Concrete

If you like to decorate your home for the holidays, a great way to do so is with chalk or washable paint. Such items can easily be used to create a decorative centerpiece on concrete. If you have an artistic touch, use the materials to create a welcome for your family members or exciting d├ęcor for the holiday season. For Thanksgiving, consider drawing a huge turkey with the words Welcome and Happy Thanksgiving on your driveway.

Visitors will see the artwork when they drive up and be excited to spend the holidays with you. The same can be said for Christmas as well. If you have children, use red, green and white chalk to create a Santa Stops Here sign for your driveway. This can even be a project you let the kids in on, having fun and spending time together.

Get out the chalk and get to work creating your design. Chalk is the best material to use as it can easily be sprayed away with a hose once the holiday is over. Washable paints can also be used but read your care labels. You want to use a material that can easily be washed away with water and one that will not stain your concrete if left on for long periods of time.

The waterproofing placed on your concrete should create a barrier of sorts for the material. This way, you can use chalk and washable paint to decorate and then wash it away once the holiday is over. Waterproofing is a soak-proof barrier, allowing water or other materials to be on the concrete without seeping inside.

Be sure to have your concrete waterproofed by a professional so that there will be no issue with your material if you choose to decorate during the holiday seasons.

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