With the end of the year approaching, many homeowners are planning New Years Eve celebrations. Parties can be really fun, but also a bit messy. When you host an event outdoors, you can avoid a mess inside your home, but you can end up with a mess on the outside, particularly with a patio setting. When you have a concrete patio, it can make for a great party spot, but it can also be destroyed. Learn more about cleaning up so you can avoid any damage or issues with your outdoor concrete.

Prep the Space

Whenever you have a concrete patio poured, be sure to have the area waterproofed after the concrete has dried. This way, the concrete will have a barrier so that any spills will not seep into the concrete material. During a party, many a drink can be spilled and with kool-aid or red wine, you have coloring issues that can cause staining on porous concrete. Avoid any stains by having your concrete waterproofed early on.

Waterproofing can be added later on, but it needs to have enough time to cure before the concrete is used. You want the waterproofing to set so that if any drinks or food is spilled, it can easily be cleaned up without too much work or creating stains.

Prep Your Party Cleanup

To avoid major cleanup after a party, prep the area with garbage and recycling cans. Let guests know when they start to eat and drink that there are receptacles set up in a particular area so that drinks, food items, and plates can be thrown away. It’s amazing how dirty guests can be, leaving plates and cups on the dance floor or at their table. Having areas for the trash can be a convenient way to cut back on the cleanup.

If you have garbage cans with wheels, this can be a great way to push the receptacles around the space after the party. Easily clean up any items that were not thrown away by your guests. Have a hose nearby as well so you can wash off the patio after all the trash has been removed. Any spilled food or drink can be washed away with ease, especially if the space has waterproofing.

Use a scrub brush with a long handle to remove any stuck on food or grime that might be left behind on the concrete after the party. Taking time to scrub the concrete right after the party can be quick and easy, helping to avoid any stuck on food if you wait until the morning time. As food particles set up overnight, they can become stuck on the concrete, making it difficult to clean.

It might take a little time after the party, but you can clean up for a few minutes to save yourself major time in the long run. When having a party, keep these prep steps in mind to be able to ensure your party is fun and clean!  

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