When you have concrete construction in your home, waterproofing must be completed. When concrete foundations, basements, flooring, patios, etc. are installed, waterproofing is beneficial to the longevity of the material. With waterproofing, when heavy rains occur, the water does not seep into the material. This helps to prevent any cracking or breakage as well as flooding within your home. If you have water issues or simply want to take precautions with your foundation, it is essential that you consult with a professional concrete company for your waterproofing needs.

Spring Showers

As a New Year is about to begin, the spring will arrive shortly and bring with it heavy rains. It is not uncommon for spring to be filled with rain and if you already have an issue with water entering your basement area or harming your foundation, then you may be in trouble when spring arrives. As rains begin to pour down, any issues with your foundation or walls of your basement can be affected when waterproofing is not present.

By consulting with a professional before the spring, you can find out if you have grading issues with the area around your walls or if you need to add waterproofing to your foundation or other areas of the home. A concrete company will be able to review your home and determine the best course of action to ensure that your concrete is not affected by water damage. If water enters the home, it can breed mold and mildew which can be harmful to your health as well as the structural integrity of the home being damaged.

Waterproofing Solutions

When it comes to waterproofing a concrete area, there are several solutions. There is no one size fits all approach because every home is different. Any water issue will need to be determined and it may be that you need several forms of waterproofing to protect your home. One option is to use a product that will be a primer and paint. Sealing can be used but is not always recommended. Some products are not going to provide the heavy waterproofing needed for your home.

Another option to consider is crack injections. If water is gaining entry due to a foundation issue where a crack is located, then an injection of a product can fill the hole and stop any leaking. An epoxy material or polyurethane can easily be used to help prevent water from entering the home.

Excavating may also be needed for the foundation and/or basement area if drainage is an issue. As much as six to eight feet may need to be excavated to correct the issue and put in place a new drainage system.

Because there are so many solutions, it is important that you work with a trained professional in waterproofing services. Contact a company to receive an inspection and find out how your concrete area can be waterproofed to ensure water is unable to enter your home. Scheduling the service at the first of the year will help you to have the project finished quickly.

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