With every New Year, homeowners make plans for change around their property. When it comes to concrete, 2019 is a perfect time to begin scheduling the much-needed services for your home. From slab jacking to waterproofing and basement foundation repair, these services can be scheduled beginning in January to ensure your project can be completed once spring arrives.

The spring is a perfect time for concrete repair projects around the home. As the New Year gets started, you can meet with qualified concrete companies to have your project reviewed and get on the list for servicing as the spring temperatures arrive. Spring is a super busy time for concrete companies as the weather is perfect for repairs and installations. By getting on the schedule early, you can ensure your much-needed projects gets started without delay.

Slab Jacking

If your concrete is sinking, then you most likely need slab jacking services. When concrete slabs are not installed correctly with compacted fill dirt, then the area where the concrete is located can begin to drop. This creates an uneven surface. With a patio, porch or sidewalk, this can create an unsafe environment.

With slab jacking, compacted fill dirt is corrected as well as any issues with sub-surface erosion and shrinking soil. With this service, the concrete does not have to be replaced. Basically, a grout mixture is used to fill underneath the slab which jacks up the concrete back to where it needs to be. When you need concrete adjusted, contact a professional concrete company that offers slab jacking services. Spring is the perfect time to complete this project.


Waterproofing is essential for concrete, particularly basements or concrete flooring. With waterproofing, you are adding a protective layer to your concrete. The concrete will have a sealant on top, providing a protective barrier against stains. Any spills can be wiped up instead of seeping into the concrete.

When it comes to basement areas, the concrete floor and walls will need to be waterproofed. With waterproofing on the inside and outside, you are protecting your home from potential water damage. When heavy rains occur, and waterproofing is not in place, then water can seep inside and cause damage including mold and mildew. Avoid this issue by scheduling a waterproofing appointment with a concrete professional.

Basement Foundation Repair

A basement is generally constructed from concrete blocks and over time, can become subject to cracking or settling. When this occurs, a professional needs to review the foundation to ensure there are no major issues. Cracks can be filled, and any shoring up provided when the structural integrity is not sound. If you have spotted issues with your basement foundation, have it reviewed by a professional.

During the first of the year, a concrete company can take a look at your basement foundation and determine how to fix it. Immediate needs can be taken care of as quickly as possible. Once spring arrives, a technician can provide the repair service needed, ensuring the integrity of your home.

If you have any of these project needs in your home, contact a professional concrete company today. Scheduling in the New Year can ensure your project will be completed quickly!


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